4 Ways Dental Clinics Can Reduce Their Expenses

4 Ways Dental Clinics Can Reduce Their Expenses

If you want to make your dental practice
more profitable, you either can get more customers, reduce costs, or do both.
Unfortunately, not all dental practices can produce clients out of thin air and
have to find ways to squeeze costs and overheads if they even want to survive.
Luckily for them, however, there are plenty of ways that any dental practice
can reduce operation costs, sometimes by making
minor adjustments. Here are a few ways dental clinics can reduce their

Install Motion Detectors

We’re not talking about security here. Adding motion detectors could help you save on
your energy costs. You could use motion detectors to operate lights or special
equipment in places like storage and examination rooms. Doing this alone could
eventually save you hundreds of pounds in energy costs every year. You could
also use them to control heating in various rooms.

Shop Around for Utilities

Know that you don’t have to accept whatever
fee your utility company is charging and you can always negotiate. This is
especially true if you’ve been with them for many years and are letting them
know that you’re ready to take your business elsewhere. You should also check
business electricity comparison sites and shop around for better deals. Some
people have been able to save up to 45% on their electricity costs by using utility comparison sites and making the
switch. These will allow you to check multiple quotes in minutes and help you
find the best one for your needs.

Go for LED

If you’re still relying on halogen as many
practices do, it’s time to make the switch to LED or CFL lights. Both options
will cost you less on electricity, and will also last much longer. You could
cut your lighting energy costs by up to 75% by making the switch.

Cut on IT Costs

A lot of practice owners make the mistake
of spending way too much of their resources on IT. One of the reasons for this
is that they’re not being proactive and only use an on-call IT service when
something goes wrong. In these cases, the professional will leave them with a
hefty bill once they fix everything and will gladly do so every time there’s an

But if you work with an IT managed service,
you’ll have a team with you that will work to make sure that issues won’t
happen in the first place. This is like having an IT department, but without
the costs. They will monitor your systems and network, make sure your
infrastructure is secure at all times, provide assistance with software and
updates, fix computers and provide ongoing support all for a flat fee. This
way, you won’t have to pay thousands in damage control and restoration every
time something breaks down.

As you can see, there
are tons of ways dental practices can cut their expenses and get a little more
extra room to breathe. Make sure to always find new ways to cut on costs, and
always try to identify any potential leaks.