5 Easy Ways to Beat Your Friends at Foosball Every Time

Great Tips on How to Win at Foosball

Here are a few useful tips that you can implement and very soon you will become a table-football champion among your friends’ group, at home, your village and maybe eventually your country with your Bonzini foosball table.

For any person who has been around for 20 years or more, the exhilarating but humble game known as foosball, also known as “fuzbol” or “table football”, would have featured somewhere when you were a child. How you embraced the game will differ greatly, yet more than likely there was one of these tables at a birthday party, at your favourite youth club, or at one of your friend’s houses who was lucky enough to own their own table.

1. Don’t Spin

Spinning is not only illegal but is also detrimental when it comes to trying to improve the way you play foosball. It is one of the common fallacies among the casual and novice players that when you spin it is a great way to distract the rhythm of your opponent in midfield. Some people also believe that spinning is one of the best ways to obtain the most power from your shots.

In fact, spinning usually results in losing control over your players, while turning your passes or shots into lottery efforts. Many own goals have been scored from errant spins which results when the ball shoots backwards past an unsuspecting keeper.

2. Learn How to Do the “Sideways Shunt”

In the game, do you know what you should be doing when a defender stands directly to the front of one of your strikers? The same will apply when you are trying to play your ball out of the back if you are blocked by a forward from your opponent. The casual foosball player will react to these situations with desperation, frustration, or panic where they usually either take a risky approach associated with a back-pass or trying to hack their ball forwards. This typically leads to a rebound off their opponent.

The better approach to these scenarios is to tap your ball sideways and pass it onto the player next to you. This will cause your opponent to be wrong-footed immediately.

3. Make Sure Your Goalkeeper Is Used Properly

This task can be tough. In most cases, you will be managing your goalkeeper with a weaker hand, and when quick reaction times and sharp reflexes are needed this is often a downfall for many players. Yet, if you use it to its proper and full extent, your goalkeeper can become a strength opposed to a weakness. Mastering how to control the goalkeeper using one hand, while at the same time managing your ball in the outfield using the other hand, is one of the most important skills if you want to come out on top.

4. Prepare Yourself to Deal with Hostile Elements

Many of us will never reach the top. This is a cruel and sad reality associated with foosball. For this reason, many of us end spending most of the time playing this game in domestic settings. This, of course, exposes these tables to all types of elements that are malevolent. The common ones include pets and younger siblings.

So even when you have tried to maintain a pristine table, you need to be prepared for these annoyances. You won’t be judged when all the resources are still intact. But when handles are missing or the foosball is chewed-up, and the table is slanted, your abilities will start to be tested.

5. Master that “Dummy”

Similar to a real dummy, yet this will require far more poise and technique. Pretend that you are about to shoot, using the same strong movement of your wrist, yet stop the shot at the very last second. Now go for a fast “sideways shunt” onto your strike partner, followed by slotting the ball directly inside the net. This move will usually guarantee at least one or more goals at important stages in the game.