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How to Choose the Best Grass Fed Beef

Taking into account SDG 12, sustainability is becoming an ever-increasing concern in our everyday lives. We must be sustainable in our energy, our structures, our decisions and most certainly what we eat and how we produce it. The beef consumption rates globally are massive. Think of it as being in the metric tons per day region. The tough news is, raising animals quickly to transform them into beef, is damaging the environment. To cut the long story short, it is unsustainable. Among the ways that you, the beef lover, can ensure that sustainability comes back to beef production is by starting to look at grass-fed beef and organic beef. Grass-fed beef is produced on farms where the animals are well taken of hence equally aiding environmental conservation. Health-wise, grass-fed beef is a better alternative. Grass-fed beef is becoming more renowned among consumers today. What then do you consider during selection?

You need to start to know how to decrypt the information presenting the labels on the beef. Start by making sure that the beef you are selecting in that grocery store has a label specifying it is grass fed. The idea here is that grass-fed animals are fed less or no artificial foodstuffs in their lifespan. Keep in mind that the labels you come across will not necessarily be legit. Therefore, it is wise to pick meat with labels from organizations overseeing the grass-fed niche so that you can be certain of the beef’s authenticity. A label signed off by these bodies also indicated that the animals were brought up humanely.

At this stage, it may also make sense to engage a grass-fed beef farmer. Engaging the farmer can help you overcome some of the loopholes present in using labels only to make a choice. After some research, you will find out that most grass-fed beef comes from small-scale farmers who can directly sell to customers. If you are not lucky enough to be situated close to a farmer, you can check online for some suggested producers via the grass-fed associations. When having a sit down with the farmers, make sure to inquire of their grazing techniques tenability.

You also need to know how to choose the right cut of beef. You need to assess the physical state of the beef to assure quality. Expect a brown tone form the edges of the grass-fed beef with yellow fat. To make sure the beef is fresh, there should be no smells of rancidity. It is best to go for meat that is 90% lean.

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A 10-Point Plan for Professionals (Without Being Overwhelmed)

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