A Guide to Cars that Are Most Likely to Get You Through the Winter Safely

Driving in winter is not everybody’s idea of a great time. With snow, ice, fog, rain, and wind to contend with, it really can be tough to move from point A to B safely.

If you have a good car to drive in the winter, then your life becomes a lot less stressful. You can take on the elements fairly easy, knowing your motor will get you safely through.

The following are the five best options from Bromley Garage Services for when the weather starts to get harsh.

1. Volvo XC90

This Scandinavian car is loaded with new technology. Not many car makers can claim to have stronger winter driving credentials than Volvo has. This renowned brand works on honing its technology in chilling Scandinavia – and additional peace of mind is provided by the all-wheel-drive XC90.

The XC90 not only provides you with an excellent grip, the vehicle’s Euro NCAP five-star safety rating means that you can be confident that you can avoid harm. Its high-tech features like Autonomous Emergency Braking and Pilot Assist helps to minimise the risk of accidents.

And if the worst does occur, an entire range of safety equipment — airbags, side impact protection, automatic seatbelt tightening — are there to keep you protected. On a cold morning, the heated seats are also very nice.

2. Jeep Renegade

This no-nonsense SUV can breeze through the winter. The origins of the Jeep were during wartime in manufacturing indestructible military vehicles, so it isn’t surprising that the Renegade, one of its more modern offering, excels at efficiently tackling the elements.

The Renegade has been designed to be able to withstand all-terrain driving as well as the toughest conditions that nature is able to throw at you. The increased ride height, skid plates, and a whole range of technology features, which include an 8.4-inch touchscreen, help to ensure that the Renegade is fully equipped for the winter.

The Trailhawk trim level offers some added comfort, which utilises bigger tyres to ensure that snow, divots, and bumps will not be as taxing for the occupants of the car.

3. Audi Q3 Quattro

The Quattro offers rally-car performance for the 4 seasons in the UK, with its Quattro all-wheel-drive technology coming from (rally-car legend: Query rephase?). No matter what the road conditions are, it provides optimum grip.

This performance in the Q3 is combined with SUV styling and offers plenty of room for the entire family.

You gain safety equipment like ABS, active lane-keeping in order to prevent your vehicle from wandering, a revolutionary anti-slip system that works particularly well on icy and wet roads — Haldex Quattro delivers all of the torque to the car’s front wheels but the secondary clutch is able to switch up to 100pc to the rear if any wheel slippage is detected.

4. Jaguar F-Pace

This versatile SUV is a comprehensive deep-freeze car package. Whenever Jaguar made the decision to build an off-roader, you might have expected that it relied on the intelligence of Land Rover, its sister company. But instead of Jaguar resting on its laurels, the company decided to put its F-Pace through very extreme testing, which included -40C temperature up in the far north region of Sweden.

The result is you can be assured the F-Pace will be seeing you through strong winds, snow, and ice. It also comes equipped with an optional feature called Adaptive Surface Response system that adjusts power automatically between all four wheels for maximising grip.

Along with the safety equipment that you expect with a premium SUV, which includes autonomous braking — with cameras that detect objects up ahead and then activate the brakes accordingly — along with luxuries like a heated armrest and heated seats, the F-Pace is a comprehensive winter driving package.

5. Land Rover Discovery Sport:

Where top-end luxury meets rugged off-roader. Land Rover’s credentials are not in doubt when it comes to producing weather-beating cars. Currently, the Discovery Sport is the company’s cheapest model in its lineup, but the strong residuals make it a very popular option for personal contract hire.

You get a genuine off-roader for your hard-earned money that will not be phased by ice and snow. Just choose the relevant setting on the Terrain Response system on your Land Rover and the car’s set-up adjusts for optimum performance and grip.