How to Implement a Knowledge Management System

Business in modern times trades in commodities such as information, because a modern business has huge amounts of information or data. Knowledge is the key to building expertise and knowledge brings an ability to have a product other businesses or clients want. Knowledge management is a requirement for many different types of businesses but in particular health care clinics. Health care clinics have an ability to organize as well as compile vast amounts of data. Law firms also need to acquire data as part of the job, because they need a way to keep the data coming in as well as becoming output. Organizations require a knowledge gathering solution such as document management, data mining, blogging, and community forums. Acquiring knowledge is the purpose of some companies’ existence.

How to Maintain an Edge

Business objectives are change, innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge. Functional organizations have to consider more than just technology because they need to consider people, processes, and technology, as well as structure, and culture. To think about people at a company that works on knowledge management systems means that individuals can influence their organization with their knowledge. Having a process by which to store knowledge as well as share it means that best practices need to be established on how to continue to store the knowledge.

Implementation of Technology and Its Purpose

Technology needs to be adequately implemented in order to keep a knowledge management system functional. Organizations need to spend 3 to 7 percent of revenue on technology anyway, such as computers, phones, and their intranet, or the back office of an organization. Preparing employees for change requires making sure that they understand the technology that will be installed. The company needs to define major goals and objectives, which is why implementations fail if the manager … Read the rest

Tools That Make Tracking Your Online Reputation Easy

There are several reputation management tools that you can use to help with your online reputation.


The first tool is Rankur. There are three main features that you are going to enjoy about this tool. The first feature is that you will be able to monitor all of the things that are going on with your social media, blog postings, and the press releases that are related to the company. The second feature is that you are going to know when anyone writes a review of your business or the upper management of your company. The third feature is that you will know the analytics of the company. This is all of the data collected so that you will know exactly what demographic you need to target.

Google Alerts

The second tool is Google Alerts. All that you are going to need to do is to type in certain words, phrases or topics that you are going to want to be alerted about. Therefore, if there are any new search results that are published that are going to contain this information, then you are going to be alerted. Basically, you are going to get an email from Google whenever this happens. As far as your reputation goes, they are going to get an alert any time that your company or one of your products is mentioned, then you are going to be able to get an alert.


The third tool is a way that you are going to be able to keep an eye on your competitors. This is one of the best ways that you are going to be able to figure out where you stand comparatively. You have to think about the fact that a lot of your potential customers are going to be comparing you … Read the rest

Questions to ask before choosing an Orlando SEO Company

SEO Company

An SEO company is an institution that provides SEO related services to businesses and brands. These are agencies that perform some of the following services content writing, website development, and search engine optimization. Basically, they perform all the necessary operations that are required to increase the online visibility of the business and make it grow. SEO agencies have a good understanding of websites and web engines, and they know how to use digital platforms for the expansion and growth of the brand. Any new startup with a new business website needs an SEO agency if they want to make it by any means. SEO agencies incorporate certain strategies into the business to ensure its website ranks top when a customer searches a keyword on website engines.

Choosing an SEO Company

Choosing an SEO company is not as easy as it sounds because there are a lot of factors that one needs to consider. There are many SEO agencies out there that provide a lot of unrealistic expectations to their clients for the sole purpose of getting customers. What many people fail to realize is that search engine optimization is a process that takes time and the sales are not bound to increase as soon as SEO is utilized. To avoid choosing the wrong SEO agency and spending money on the wrong company, here are some questions to ask before choosing an SEO company.

1. What is the reputation of the SEO?

All SEO agencies must have one point worked with some clients unless the SEO is completely brand new. If not, it is essential that one identifies what the real reputation of the SEO agency means. This means talking to clients and looking at online reviews of the same. Some online reviews may be contrary to the truth … Read the rest

The World’s Largest Data Centres

By the end of 2018, the best estimates put the total number of people using the internet over the four billion mark. This makes it easy to understand why the world’s needs for processing and storing data are growing at an exponential rate. In the last 10 years, data centres the size of small cities have sprung up to meet that ever-expanding need, with data centres using UPS batteries such as the Fiamm 12flb150 as back-up power.

Gigabit Magazine has crunched the numbers and identified the data centres with solid claims to being the world’s largest:

1) China Telecom Data Centre

The China Telecom Data Centre has a firm hold on the title of “world’s largest data centre” thanks to its 10.7 million square feet. Located in China’s Inner Mongolia Information Park, the China Telecom centre combines standard data centre functions with warehousing, office space, call centres, and living quarters for the workers who operate it. In addition to its vast size, the China Telecom facility is noteworthy for having the world’s highest price tag. Constructing and fitting out the data centre reportedly cost more than £2 billion.

2) China Mobile Hohhot Data Centre

The world’s second-largest data centre is China Mobile’s Hohhot facility, located very close to the China Telecom Data Centre. The China Mobile facility covers 7.7 million square feet, and its completion cost is estimated at £1.47 billion. The China Mobile centre is noteworthy for its modular design which anticipates future expansion. The China Mobile facility is a centralised powerhouse for managing networks, delivering enterprise-level service, and conducting cutting-edge research.

Both of the world’s largest data centres are located in the Inner Mongolia Information Park in Hohhot, China. This is a singularly attractive community for data centres thanks to a number of favourable conditions. It sits … Read the rest

More Video Ad Options for Marketers

Modern technology races forward, putting more options for video advertising on the table in front of marketers. The ones that win through and stick around are going to be the formats that resist the temptation to put monetization ahead of user experience.

Although video remains a premium medium for engaging online audiences, there’s currently an explosion of new format and channel options coming up. Last week, Cologne hosted the Dmexco trade show, and vendors showed that the last 12 months had not been wasted when it comes to developing video inventory.

New Developments in the Market

Modern mobile data usage figures show that video is already hugely popular. Live streaming accounts for a huge segment of that usage. Platforms are expanding and launching to accommodate the public’s taste for video content served through devices.

Sports streaming company DAZN announced the opening of a new office in Amsterdam at Dmexco. It’s just the latest move in the provider’s bid to become the sports equivalent to Netflix. Twitch maintains a dominant position in the videogame streaming market. Dmexco also saw much discussion of HQ Trivia, the latest and greatest mobile gaming blockbuster. Opinion-makers agreed that the time was right for HQ Trivia to find some way to capitalise on its popularity.

A significant slice of the growing streaming market is accounted for by Instagram Stories and Facebook Live. The formidable social platforms attached to these efforts are seeking to go further by introducing their own video platforms: IGTV and Facebook Watch. The sheer volume of investment available to these giants allows them to tinker endlessly with their models. Facebook Watch remains a US-only playground, a fact that European advertisers continue to criticise.

Opportunities and Risks

With the sheer range of different developments hitting the video marketplace, it can be challenging for … Read the rest