How to Easily Warm Your Home

After the New Year, were you left feeling a little pinched? And no, we are not discussing your waistline after all those holiday goodies, but your wallet! Many of us find January a struggle when it comes to looking at our bank statements and bills. During these colder months, we want to keep the home warm, but is it possible to do so with rising energy costs? What if there was a way to do it for less than you could imagine? In fact, you are not even going to have to wrap anything in foil either! Below are a few tips that will help to keep your house toasty warm all winter long for less!

Sleep Sound and Warm

You will want to ensure that you have the right tog rating for your duvet during these colder months. The majority of shops will offer a guide on the packaging that will help you in addition to offering samples before you make a purchase.

Do you have wooden floors? While they are beautiful, they can also be cold. Try laying several rugs around to keep the floors warm. In addition, you may want to invest in some inexpensive blankets that you can easily snuggle up with while in bed or in your favourite chair in the evening. Another great tip to stay warm is to put on your favourite pair of heavy socks to keep your toes toasty!

Thinking Smarter

You may want to consider placing a smart meter in your home that connects to German electric radiators to help regulate the temperature. If you are in the UK, it is actually possible to get one for free up until 2020. Chat with your energy provider about the roll-out plan they are offering and start saving today.

Smarter Shopping

When shopping, use one of the online sites such as or Uswitch to find the best deals for your specific area. By doing this one small thing, you could save hundreds of pounds.

Design Issues

Almost 25% of the heat lost in your home can be attributed to the windows. One of the best ways to reduce this is to open the curtains and blinds on the south side of the house during the daytime and let the home be warmed by the sun. Ensure that there is nothing blocking your radiators and close off any rooms that are not being used; this can have a dramatic effect on the warmth level in the home. Also, if you have a fireplace, you may want to consider using a balloon to keep all of that warm air from escaping up the chimney.

Insulation is Key

You more than likely have heard it a dozen times this year already, but the key to warmth is proper insulation. While ensuring a house is fully insulated can be an expensive process, consider using a draught excluder.

Radiate Heat

Electrical heaters are a good resource as they have a programmable control system, and they allow you to heat specific areas of the home, making them much more cost effective. Vantage radiators start at less than £300 and offer a standard 30-year warranty, whereas the Italian-built design starts at £400 with a 10-year warranty. Not only will you save money, but you will no longer have to worry about bleeding the radiator before the colder months.

Say Hello to Sunshine

One final thing to remember is the sun is always free in the wintertime, so make use of it with a small winter sun break! There are going to be times when it is just too cold to try and keep everything warm and toasty. If it gets like that, take off for warmer destinations!