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Benefits That Can Be Derived in Product Placement for Achieving Business Profits

Many people have therefore resorted to get most of the entertainment by browsing various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The other side of the celebrities is that they are considered by many companies as influences of their target market as they are able to maintain the attention of millions of users worldwide. Hiring a social media influencer to favourably review your products and services increases the credibility of your products and services highly and this may reduce the time period that you need to establish the credibility of a brand especially for small businesses. The effect of this type of marketing is similar to the word-of-mouth marketing because users have a natural tendency to trust the opinion of their favourite socialites and social figures.

This is because customers are allowed to directly interact with the brand whenever they want without any reservations whatsoever. The bad history of advertisements over the years has been due to a blaring overuse of various media platforms for the sake of brand awareness. Product placements therefore is a highly effective marketing campaign as customers can have fresh ways of getting advertisements apart from the traditional ones, in a way that they can relate to it and not having to feel as if the advertisements are too surreal. This is in comparison to the traditional advertising methods as product placement is able to reach a wider client base through one platform and this therefore increases the chances of turning potential customers into actual clients. Even though the production value of many social media advertising cannot match that which celebrities is to have international forms of advertising, their efficiency cannot be matched with the traditional forms of advertising.

The advertisements can be seen in popular features and films such as James Bond having the Omega watches in all of its acts, mission impossible using Apple products and also many television shows such as The Apprentice and American Idol using specific products. From the perspective of marketers, product placement provides an opportunity for company’s products and services to be associated with famous actors and celebrities and this prevents a convenient opportunity to advertise other products. Marketers are also using the Internet stream corporate product placement in songs that many music fans will get from YouTube. In order for this strategy to work, the plans must be featured prominently while making several appearances movies, songs or the social media accounts of these influencers.

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