Study: My Understanding of Mediators

The Pros of Mediation

The process of finding a solution to two parties who are in a conflict is known as mediation. Mediation does not involve seeking civil litigation and is thus a cheaper way of finding a solution to warring parties. One of the unique features that make mediation different is that the two parties are given an opportunity to come to terms on their own with the help of the mediator unlike in court where the judge will interpret as well interpret on matters pertaining to the law. Below are some of the advantages of mediation.

The first advantage of mediation is that is an inexpensive way of solving disputes. The amount of money that you will spend on following a civil litigation is more than the much you can use on mediation. Most of the mediators are paid per hour and can be able to finish up their cases in one or two days. By the mere fact that mediators are paid per hour, the amount paid to them is often cheaper than that spent on civil litigation. The amount of money spent on civil litigation often goes high because cases here can go for days of years. A lot of money is also spent as transport and on preparations to attend various court meetings before a verdict is reached. You are also likely to lose a number of days in terms of time out of your work or business. Once a verdict is reached, mediation does not call for any payment of money other than the simple signing of the agreement clauses and the deal is done compared to civil litigation where extra charges are involved.

The next aspect that you ought to consider is that mediation is cheaper than other methods of conflict resolution. You will realize that civil litigation can make you to wait for some time before justice is arrived at. Civil mediation is often slow the court always requires time to collect enough evidence about the case. Mediation is fast and can only take a few days or weeks as the required evidence is willingly provided by the parties on the agreement table. Apart from the two parties becoming friends in the mediation process, they are also able to end up in friendship which is exactly the opposite civil litigation.

The other advantage of using mediation in conflict resolution is that is it convenient compared to the other techniques. Mediation can take place anywhere and at any time as agreed by both parties. It is the role of the mediator to unite the parties after listening to both of them in turns. Mediation is often a confidential process compared to the civil litigation. Civil litigation is an open process that has not confidentiality and may lead to case hindrances.

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