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Major Contributors to Efficient Energy Use in Industries

Governments through policies and programs play a vital role in ensuring that industries of their countries adopt the use of efficient energy in industries. Government policies introduced aimed at adopting low carbon and energy saving industrial efficient energy use thus the main influencers of efficient energy use in industries. There is a lot of effort put in place by developing countries still using large energy to adopt efficient energy use in industries.

Another important factor that has contributed to efficient energy use in industries is the energy management system which has helped in reducing the energy use in industrial operation enterprise. To ensure that industries improve their energy efficient, energy management systems have equipped industries with certifiable practices and procedures to use. Energy management systems has a great advantage since industries are able to incur less energy cost in running the industries. Not only has energy management system reduced energy cost of industries but also industries can be able to enjoy operational efficiency and reduction in risks.

Industries are able to learn of different and new ways they can use to minimize the energy they use just by visiting other efficient energy firms through benchmarking. In order to save money due to the rise in price of world fuel industries have managed to seek assistance from other firms to learn of energy saving means. A few industries have successfully adopted benchmarking and have indeed benefited from implementing efficient energy use thus is a major contributor of efficient energy use by industries.

Emergent of financing organizations have speed up adoption of efficient use of energy in industries by giving out loans to such industries to adopt the system. Funding was initially a problem as many industries would lack funding but now through the European Bank for Reconstruction countries are able to borrow funds to adopt the efficient energy use by industries . Also, financial institutions are more aware of the environmental benefit of use of efficient energy by industries thus are more willing to issue financing as they also scale up their investments.

Efficient energy use by industries has helped in the innovation of better ways of producing products that intensive energy use produced. To reduce the carbon content emitted by industries from using highly intensive energy equipments, adoption of efficient energy use has taken credit as it tends to reduce the carbon content emited. Efficient energy use by industries promotes production of products that can be reused and some parts to be integrated into the next version of the product. Since intensive energy releases more carbon and having put a price on carbon many industries are adopting efficient energy use.

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