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Self-Care and Why Self-Care Is Important

Self-care is a broad term that refers to anything you do to be good to yourself. It’s important to note that not everything that feels good is self-care as individuals who don’t understand the topic and up adopting unhealthy mechanisms like drugs, alcohol, over eating and risk-taking. Unhealthy copying mechanisms and are producing temporary relief which ends up not satisfying individuals.

Better productivity is one of the advantages of self-care. Self-care is also responsible for improved resistance to diseases. When you regularly create time to be good to yourself and meeting your own needs your body sends positive signals to the subconscious brain. Increased self-knowledge is also another advantage of self-care. This can further lead to reprioritization of abandoned hobbies which could be helpful in an individual’s life to help them to further accept themselves and have a different perspective in life. The first thought of being good to yourself is that an individual is being selfish. Giving cannot happen if an individual is not fully satisfied within themselves.

These include sensory self-care, emotional self-care, spiritual self-care, physical self-care and social self-care. The practice entails giving the individual the ability to tune into the details of the sensations all around them that makes it easier for them to live in the present moment. Sensory self-care ideas include cuddling up under a soft blanket, going to the countryside and focusing on the smell of the air, watching the flames of a candle fire, feeling the water only skin during a hot shower, focusing on your breathing patterns, lying down and listening to the music while your eyes are closed, having a small square of the most delicious chocolate, walking barefoot on the garden, having a massage with essential oils or holding a pet in your arms. Emotional self-care is to come to a place where you’re able to engage all of your emotions. Some spiritual self-care ideas include keeping a daily meditation practice, reading poetry, walking in nature and reflecting on the beauty around you, making a list of the few things that make you grateful about life, saying affirmations that ground your sense of purpose and self and also going out for trip with the purpose of photographing the things that inspire you. Most of the activity of self-care in the physical aspect has been dominantly practiced with going to the gym but there are other practices that could be useful. Social self-care helps you to understand that you’re not alone as you’re able to find other people who identify with you and it is important to give us feelings of acceptance and belonging which can help to convert isolation and feelings of loneliness that are a good environment for low self-esteem.

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