3 exercises to help you dominate this weekend’s Spartan Race

3 exercises to help you dominate this weekend’s Spartan Race

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1. Farmers Carry

Use both hands to carry a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, or weighted plates over a specified distance or time. Works best to pack shoulders back, keeping them as tight as possible, while also straightening posture to keep the lower back engaged without injury. Gripping hard and tucking the chin are also great ways to prevent injury and use only our cores.

2. Atlas/Sandbag Carry

This exercise utilizes all of the body’s core muscles, carrying a large weighted stone, medicine ball, sandbag, or some other spherical object across the chest over an allotted distance. Focusing most on the hamstring, glutes, and lower back — it’s best to start with lower weights and slowly progress to ensure proper form.

3. Tire Flip

Starting in a strong squatted position with arms and feet shoulder-width apart, this exercise works just like its name — leaning into the tire, driving through the legs, and lifting the tire. Once flipped, repeat several times until desired reps or sets are achieved.

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