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Can’t afford therapy? Here’s help

The race to find mental health treatment can feel like a marathon when you may not have the energy or ability to even make it to the starting line. You may be faced with limited affordable options and a lack of available therapists.

“Prior to the pandemic, we had an inadequate workforce to meet the mental health demand of the country,” says Vaile Wright, who has a doctorate in counseling psychology and is the senior director of health care innovation at the American Psychological Association. “And that has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.”

According to the APA’s 2021 COVID-19 Practitioner Survey, 43% of psychologists reported an increase in overall number of patients compared with 2020. At the same time, 41% of psychologists said they couldn’t keep up with demand and 46% felt burned out.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to access care at a variety of price points, including telehealth options.

Use resources that you might already have

Your employer may offer an employee assistance program, or EAP, which can connect you, your spouse or partner and your children with various services including short-term counseling. Review your benefits to see what your EAP provides, if you have one.


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Danone Indonesia Offers Six-Month Maternity Leave Since 2016

Jakarta. Food company Danone Indonesia recently said that it had already offered a six-month maternity leave for its female employees since 2016.

The House of Representatives has proposed a six-month maternity leave for female employees under the Maternal and Child Welfare Bill. Last week, the bill officially became a House of Representatives initiative.

According to Danone Indonesia, the company has allowed its female employees to get a six-month maternity leave since a long time ago.

The first 1,000 days of life are indeed crucial to a child’s development, making it important for parents to play an active role during this time.

“As a family-friendly company, Danone Indonesia truly understands that employees have the right to work, have a family, and decent life. In line with the company’s goal to bring health to as many people, we strive to create a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace. This includes giving support for parents to ensure an optimal child development,” Arif Mujahidin, the corporate communications director at Danone Indonesia, was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

“Since August 2016, we have offered a 6-month maternal leave for female employees and a 10-day leave for male employees whose wife is giving birth.

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COVID and bust: China’s private health system hurt by tough

SHANGHAI, July 6 (Reuters) – On March 24, a court in the central Chinese city of Fuyang announced that a $1.5 billion hospital built just four years earlier had filed for bankruptcy because it was unable to pay its debts.

For most of the last two years, the Fuyang Minsheng Hospital had been fully involved in mass coronavirus vaccination and testing programmes in the city, training almost 100 staff to perform throat swabs and setting up mobile vaccination facilities to go to schools and workplaces, at the order of city officials.

The diversion of resources into what China calls its ‘zero-COVID’ approach to contain and eliminate the virus forced the hospital to suspend many services it relied upon for revenue, sealing its financial failure.

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A civil ruling from the Fuyang court handling Minsheng’s application for bankruptcy restructuring said the hospital’s “funding difficulties” were brought about by the “impact of the epidemic” as well as its failure to secure a bank loan.

According to Kanyijie, a specialist Chinese medical industry information service, the 1,000-bed, 16-hectare Minsheng Hospital took a downward turn soon after the first wave of infections spread through China.


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Learn How to Read Supplement Labels With These Tips

A nutritious diet that helps fuel your body for optimal health and wellness is often the best way to get the vitamins and nutrients you need. But even with the best diets, supplements can sometimes be necessary to fill vitamin, mineral and other nutrient gaps. 

Dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and are, therefore, plentiful in the market. Pharmacy and grocery store shelves are lined with a buffet of supplement choices — so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to determine which to choose and why. The best way to quickly narrow down the selections is to learn how to read supplement labels and compare the labels with your needs. And in addition to helping to make your selection process much more efficient, learning to read supplement labels can help reduce the risks of taking a supplement you don’t need or shouldn’t have. 

This article breaks down the need-to-knows for navigating dietary supplement labels. 

How to read dietary supplement labels 

You will find the supplement facts label on the bottle or box of the supplement. Below, we’ve covered each area of a dietary supplement label so you’ll know what to look for

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Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade Love Working Out Together

Gabrielle Union posted a video of a 6:30 a.m. workout on Wednesday with her favorite workout partner and husband, Dwyane Wade, with the caption, “How I stay motivated.” With her classic sense of humor, Union makes exasperated faces at the camera as she teases, “Why do you work out like that, Gab? Oh my god, you work out sooo much!” The answer? Union simply points at Wade strutting by shirtless while text on the screen reads, “Just trying to keep up witchu playa.”

This isn’t the first time Union has called out Wade as her motivation. In a recent post, she took a moment to get sappy (in the best way): “When I wanna give up, I just look to my side and get that push and smile from @DwyaneWade and I thug it out.” Union points out that intimacy can take many forms. She goes on to say those 6 a.m. sweat sessions are the couple’s private time before the house wakes up, “to love on each other and love on ourselves.”

Wednesday’s workout video shows the two using a stability ball to level up their planks — but with a twist, literally. With both elbows on the ball,

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General Guidance in Reading the California Unemployment

California’s statutes are contained in 29 separate codes. The twenty-sixth alphabetically is the Unemployment Insurance Code. All 29 Codes have general provisions applicable to reading and interpreting that Code’s sections. The following are selected general provisions of the Unemployment Insurance Code:

Section 1 – This Act is known as the Unemployment Insurance Code.

Section 2 – The provisions of this Code, insofar as they are substantially the same as existing statutory provisions relating to the same subject matter, are to be construed as restatements and continuations, and not as new enactments.

Section 4 – Unless the context otherwise requires, the general provisions set forth govern the construction of this Code.

Section 5 – Division, part, chapter, article, and section headings do not in any manner affect the scope, meaning, or intent of the provisions of this Code.

Section 6 – Whenever a power is granted to, or a duty imposed on any person or board by any provision of this Code, it may be exercised or performed by any deputy or person authorized by the person or board to whom the power is granted or on whom the duty is imposed, unless it is expressly provided that the power or

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WHO committing ‘statistical genocide’ against Palestinians

This article was published in partnership with Local Call.

In a scathing article published in early June, Richard Horton, one of the world’s foremost public health experts, accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of committing “statistical genocide” against Palestinians in the occupied territories after the organization omitted them from one of its major annual reports.

In his article, which was published in the highly-regarded medical journal “The Lancet,” of which he is the editor-in-chief, Horton claimed that WHO had erased Palestinians living in the occupied territories from their 2022 World Health Statistics report. The report is the organization’s annual compilation of the most recent available data on health and health-related indicators for its 194 member states.

Although the Occupied Palestinian Territories is on the list of member states of the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO), the report does not contain any information on the Palestinian population in the West Bank, Gaza, or East Jerusalem.

The Palestinians, according to Horton, are mentioned only once in a single chart on crude death rates from COVID-19. Apart from this, he wrote, they have been “entirely erased. WHO is guilty of nothing less than statistical genocide — the deliberate elimination of

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WHO chiefs discuss local food safety issues

Regional World Health Organization (WHO) leaders used World Food Safety Day to highlight topics important in their countries.

Takeshi Kasai, WHO regional director for the Western Pacific, said traditional markets are a key part of the food system.

“They play an important economic, cultural and social role in the Asia Pacific region and are a source of livelihood for millions of people in both urban and rural areas. Healthy and safe traditional food markets can be achieved by implementing measures based on risks identified in the market. When managed properly they provide access to safe, healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food and they play a role in promoting health and preventing diseases, especially among vulnerable groups,” he said.

When managed improperly, food markets can be unsafe environments and even pose health risks related to food safety and zoonoses threats.

“Whether you’re a consumer or work in a food market there are simple measures you can take to mitigate the risks in traditional food markets. Maintaining good personal hygiene habits, avoid mixing raw and ready-to-eat foods, check if foods are safe and suitable for consumption before eating them and minimize contact with live animals in markets and follow local public health

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Sydney project fixes interoperability woes by connecting 70

Disparate systems and scattered health information across the Australian healthcare system have kept clinicians from providing better care and securing better outcomes for patients. One primary health network rose to the occasion and worked on improving information sharing within the health ecosystem.


Interoperability is a “perennial challenge” for healthcare delivery in Australia’s healthcare system, says Dr Keith McDonald, CEO of the South Western Sydney Primary Health Network (SWSPHN).

“The out-of-sync and inefficient sharing of clinical datasets from multiple services and disparate systems often inhibits clinicians from being better informed to deliver improved patient health outcomes.”

Dr Keith McDonald, CEO, SWSPHN

As interoperability continues to stagnate, it has been a major priority for the country’s healthcare sector to ensure a continuum of care through accessibility, timeliness of information, and quality data.


As part of its efforts to remedy this long-standing issue, SWSPHN partnered with Altera Digital Health, formerly the Allscripts Hospitals and Large Physician Practices business segment, in 2017 to develop the integrated Real-time Active Data or iRAD. 

The project is based on Altera’s interoperability platform, dbMotion, which runs through the Microsoft Azure cloud. It aggregates and harmonises patient-consented data from various clinical information systems and delivers information

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Can sugary products be described as ‘nutritious’? And how

The FDA – which has set a daily reference value of 50g for added sugar (10% of calories based on a 2,000-calorie diet) – does not define ‘high’ or ‘low’ sugar, and only sets conditions of use for ‘reduced/less/lower sugar’ claims​​.

But while there is no specific regulation that disqualifies food brands from implying or stating that products are healthy or nutritious based on sugar content, plaintiffs in a series of cases filed vs Clif, Mondelez, Kellogg, Post, and others, say consumers are being duped.

In the case vs Clif bar, for example, the plaintiffs claimed that many consumers would be shocked to learn that a quarter to a third of calories in classic Clif bars were derived from added sugar.

For example, a 260 calorie bar with 19g added sugar (29% of calories) contains 38% of the 50g daily value for added sugar, or 76% of the World Health Organization’s ‘ideal’ daily limit of 25g.

Clif Bar: ‘A reasonable consumer would know that the challenged products contained added sugars, and that the added sugars were part of the promise of energy​’

Attorneys for Clif Bar, however, argued that the lawsuit was “based on factually unsupported conclusions that

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