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A Clunky, Reusable Mask May Be the Answer to N95 Waste

“Elastomerics for us really were a game changer,” Dr. Chalikonda said. “When I think of all the millions of dollars wasted on N95s and then trying to reuse them makes you realize how much elastomerics are a missed opportunity.”

Federal health officials say they are moving as fast as possible to produce stronger guidance on elastomerics. Maryann D’Alessandro, director of the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, said scientists were reviewing feedback from a study that distributed nearly 100,000 respirators to hospitals, nursing homes and first-responders across the country. “If we can get a tool kit together to serve as a guide for organizations and educate the users, we hope it can help move the needle,” she said.

Many masks entrepreneurs are not likely to last that long. Max Bock-Aronson, the co-founder of Breathe99, which makes an elastomeric respirator that Time magazine included on its 2020 list of best inventions, has been winding down operations at the company’s Minnesota plant.

He blamed the slump in sales on Covid fatigue and waning public interest in protective gear. The company’s fortunes, he added, were doomed early on by the C.D.C.’s mask guidance, which prompted Amazon, Google and Facebook to limit or bar the

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Pernod Ricard unveils digital label to offer health and

28 Jun 2022 — Pernod Ricard is launching an interactive digital label system to inform consumers about product ingredients, associated health risks, as well as local drinking guidelines. 

The company aims to cater to consumers’ needs for a more transparent product and will launch a European pilot in July 2022, before a total conversion to the system is implemented on all brands globally by 2024.

To support the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking’s commitments, Pernod Ricard announced in 2021 the addition of two pictograms on its packaging. Alongside its pre-existing warning logo against drinking when pregnant, the packaging now includes two illustrations that warn against underage drinking and drunk driving.

Interacting for transparency
In addition to the pre-existing warning pictograms, the health information and the product ingredients will be available (including nutritional information), once every bottle of Pernod Ricard’s brands will have its own QR code on the label.

According to recent data by Innova Market Insights, nearly 45% of consumers in France consider access to information about product transparency a very important part of their purchase decision, however, less than 5% of consumers say that they check QR codes on packaging to find product information.


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The Fitness Habits Arnold Schwarzenegger Lives by Still Work

Arnold Schwarzenegger lives an impressive, ultra-fit lifestyle, and we can all benefit by mirroring a few of his good habits. The former bodybuilder started following healthy habits at a young age. He began weight training at 15 years old and won the title of Mr. Universe at 20. Read on to learn more about the fitness habits that still work for Arnold Schwarzenegger at 74, and next up, don’t miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

BG004/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor

According to, Arnold Schwarzenegger rises at 5 a.m., enjoys a cup of joe, and is already pedaling his bike at 6 to head to the gym for his 60-minute workout. Now how’s that for starting each day with fitness and motivation?

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young Arnold Schwarzeneggeryoung Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bettmann / Contributor

In a conversation with social media personality and fighter Logan Paul, the 74-year-old reveals working out is essential to him, and that’s never going to change. “Training is a part of my life. It’s that simple,” he says, adding, “Nothing will ever change; until I die, I will be working out, and I will

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NMBC Assesses Its Relationship With The Caribbean

By Fritz-Earle Mc Lymont

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. June 29, 2022: As the National Minority Business Council Inc. (NMBC) celebrates 50 years of advocacy and facilitating opportunities for Black-owned businesses, and Washington assesses the fallout from what has been described as its “low-wattage” 2022 Summit of the Americas, it’s a fitting time for NMBC to reflect on its relationship with the Caribbean.

The Summit was held June 6-10, during Caribbean-American Heritage Month, which makes NMBC’s reflection timely as well. With at least three of its founders of Caribbean origin, the region has long been of interest to NMBC.

For more than three decades the organization has engaged regional political and business sectors through investment conferences, trade missions, and Caribbean Business Exchanges in partnership with U.S. local and federal agencies, such as New York’s Empire State Development, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Export Import Bank, and Trade Development Agency. A current project involves the development of downtown Kingston, Jamaica, in which it has collaborated with a local cultural foundation for the past eight years.

Brazen from the start

As a membership business organization, NMBC’s focus has been and continues to be the development and growth mainly of small businesses

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Healthcare data breach roundup: Atrium, Kaiser, UNC and more

June has been a busy month across healthcare, and not always for the best reasons. The number of data breaches at hospitals, health systems, health plans and elsewhere has been significant – even in comparison to the risk-fraught cybersecurity landscape we’ve all become accustomed to.

Here’s a partial list, including some high-profile names.

On June 3, Kaiser Permanente informed members of its Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington of an unauthorized access incident that occurred on April 5, 2022.

Kaiser security officials “discovered that an unauthorized party gained access to an employee’s emails. We terminated the unauthorized access within hours after it began and promptly commenced an investigation to determine the scope of the incident. We have determined that protected health information was contained in the emails and, while we have no indication that the information was accessed by the unauthorized party, we are unable to completely rule out the possibility.”

PHI potentially exposed included names, medical record number, dates of service, and lab results, officials said, but Social Security and credit card numbers were not included.

“We do not have any evidence of identity theft or misuse of protected health information as a result of this incident,” said Kaiser

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DASH Your Way to Healthier Blood Pressure

By Johanna Hicks, Texas AgriLife Extension Agent Family & Community Health Agent, Hopkins County, [email protected]

You might have heard about the DASH eating plan. It’s more that just a seasoning. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan is part of a healthy lifestyle that focuses on incorporating foods that help lower high blood pressure, as well as incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. The DASH eating plan is not intended to treat hypertension but following some of the lifestyle modifications has been shown to lower blood pressure for individuals. If you are under the care of a physician due to hypertension, be sure to follow his or her advice.

The National Institutes of Health define blood pressure into three areas:

  • Normal
  • Pre-hypertension
  • Hypertension (stage 1 or 2)

Blood pressure is measured using two numbers: Systolic is the top number of the reading and measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart beats. Diastolic is the bottom number which measures the pressure in your blood vessels when the heart rests.

Normal blood pressure is a systolic reading of 120 or less, and diastolic number of less than 80. So, if your blood pressure is less

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Kubbra Sait’s high-on-energy Instagram post is all the

Kubbra Sait’s HIIT routine included box jumps, side jumps and push-ups. (Photo credit: Kubbra Sait/Instagram)

New Delhi: Kubbra Sait is famed in Bollywood for breaking stereotypes on screen and let’s admit it – she is the other name for fitness inspiration too for her fans. Every now and then, she posts pictures and videos while performing intense workouts thereby raising the bar with each video that breaks. On the one hand, when several celebrities choose to demonstrate workouts for their fans, the Sacred Games actress posts monologues about her wins and failures at the gym and how the time-taking process demands perseverance from all.
In a recent Instagram Reel video, Kubbra Sait spoke about the bitter-sweet taste of high-intensity interval workouts and how one needs to push oneself to achieve the ultimate fitness dream.
“@kubbrasait admitting the bitter sweet taste of HIIT workouts that she & I have done in our training,” wrote the actress’s coach Urmi Kothari.

In the video, she first spoke about HIIT workouts followed by intense workouts where she is seen performing push-ups and side jumps. In the video, she also spoke about postures and how she once believed that they are inherited and cannot be

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Music for general societal exhaustion: that’s why Ed Sheeran

Last September Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits was finally dislodged from its seat at No 1 in the UK singles chart after 11 long weeks. Its replacement? Ed Sheeran’s Shivers, which subsequently nestled at the top for a month. That’s nearly a quarter of 2021’s singles charts ruled by one man. The streaming stats for both songs are mind-boggling, with combined Spotify plays at the time of writing soaring past 2bn, while their parent album, = (Equals), hasn’t left the UK top 5 in eight months.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that this week the music licensing body, PPL, announced Ed Sheeran as the most-played artist in the UK in 2021. In fact, it’s an honour he’s achieved in four out of the last five years. Not only that, but Bad Habits was 2021’s most-played song, beating hits from the likes of The Weeknd (whose Blinding Lights banger Bad Habits cribs from), Little Mix and Coldplay. People, it seems, can’t get enough – but what makes Sheeran’s success so enduring?

The roots of Sheeran’s ubiquity can be traced back to his mainstream arrival a decade ago. His success chimed with the rise of what journalist Peter Robinson called the New Boring,

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Salmon group Tassal in a sweet spot, says CEO

Tassal generates about 70 per cent of its sales from the domestic market, and 30 per cent from exports to countries including China, Japan and Indonesia.

Mr Ryan said restrictions put in place by the Tasmanian government where it has put a moratorium on granting any new leases in Tasmanian waters for salmon farming, and is committed to no net increase in acreage under a new 10-year industry plan to be in force from January 1, were a good thing for the industry.

“I think it’s a really healthy thing to do,” Mr Ryan said. “It’s right for the times, and it’s right at this juncture”.

Tassal has tiger prawn operations in Queensland and is also the largest seaweed farmer in Australia as part of its expansion and diversification strategy.

“We don’t feel we need any more hectares in Tasmanian waters,” he said. Environmental groups have been critical of commercial Atlantic salmon farming in ocean pens, saying it causes damage to marine ecosystems.

Tassal is in a sweet spot with its existing levels of salmon production of 40,000 tonnes a year. This enables better investment returns, because to lift production further would mean extra capital spending on land-based ponds and

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How health systems can successfully manage and grow their


Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the preferences and expectations of healthcare consumers have changed significantly over the last two years. One of the most profound changes taking place is that patients are now prioritizing convenience and access to care above all else. As a result, health systems are investing heavily in digital transformation initiatives that enable them to streamline their operations and become more consumer-friendly. According to Precedence Research, the market for healthcare’s digital transformation in North America is expected to surpass $151.8 billion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.29% from 2021 to 2027.

Telemedicine, IoT-enabled medical devices, modern electronic health records (EHR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are just a few examples of the digital technologies that are completely reshaping how patients interact with healthcare professionals. However, despite these innovative technologies, there is one critical piece of the equation that’s holding the complete digital transformation of healthcare back. It’s the way in which patient data is shared amongst healthcare providers, which impacts how care is coordinated and medical decisions are made.

Patient-First Care Depends on Better Collaboration

“The digital transformation of healthcare has the potential to make medical care more collaborative than ever before,”

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