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Keto Beef Stew | Mark’s Daily Apple

Looking for a warm and cozy meal? Our beef stew is the perfect meal to cook for a dinner spent inside. Filled with plenty of vegetables, such as radishes and carrots this stew can be cooked on the stovetop or in the oven for ease. Not only is this Keto Beef Stew great on its own, you can easily top it on cauliflower rice or mash.

How to make keto beef stew

In a bowl, toss the stew meat with garlic, black pepper and salt. In a dutch oven or heavy oven-safe pot, heat a tablespoon of oil on your stovetop over medium-high heat. Once hot, add some of the stew meat to the pot in a single layer – don’t overcrowd the pan! Sear the meat on each side for 4-5 minutes, then remove the meat with tongs and set them aside. Add half of a tablespoon of oil and let it heat up, then repeat with the remaining stew meat until all of it is seared and browned on the outside. Set the meat aside but leave any oil or juices in the pot.

beef cooking in a dutch oven

Place the pot back over medium heat. Add the onion, carrot, celery and radish

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Are Transgender People at Risk of Breast Cancer?

People of all genders can get breast cancer, so it’s important for trans men and trans women to consider that as part of their health care.

“Anyone who has breast tissue could potentially or theoretically develop breast cancer,” says Fan Liang, MD, medical director of the Center for Transgender Health at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore.

Many things influence your breast cancer risk, including your own medical history, any family history of breast cancer, whether you have certain genes that make breast cancer more likely, and whether you get gender-affirming treatment.

There aren’t yet official breast cancer screening guidelines that are specific to trans people. But experts do have general recommendations, detailed below.

You should talk with your doctor about what screening you need, when to start, and how often. Of course, if you notice a lump or other unusual breast change, see your doctor to get it checked out. (“Screening” refers to routine checking for possible signs of breast cancer, not diagnosing what a lump or other change may be.)

Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations for Trans Women

Each person is unique. In gauging trans women’s breast cancer risk, one of the factors that doctors consider include whether they are

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Modified Purple Tomato May Be Coming to Your Grocery Store

Sept. 23, 2022 — No matter how you slice it, a genetically engineered purple tomato just got one step closer to showing up in U.S. grocery stores.

The U.K. company developing the new purple fruit has passed a first test with U.S. regulators, demonstrating that genetic changes to the tomatoes do not expose the plants to a greater risk for pest damage.

The purple tomatoes are the first to pass the new SECURE law in the United States. The SECURE Act became law in phases between May 2020 and October 2021. The new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rules update how the agency reviews genetically modified foods, focusing more on the food itself than the process used to create it.

More Than Skin Deep

Not to be confused with tomatoes with purple skin only, the tomatoes are purple inside and out. Genes taken from the purple snapdragon plant provide the color and boost levels of anthocyanins. Norfolk Plant Sciences says the tomatoes contain 10 times more of this antioxidant than ordinary tomatoes, and therefore provide additional health benefits.

Also known as “super tomatoes,” the purple tomatoes can now be imported, cross state lines, and be “released” into the environment. The

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Ask a Health Coach: Social Media Triggers

Hey folks, Board-Certified Health Coach Erin Power is here to talk about social media triggers and tidying up your feed. If you find social media hurting your well-being, we’ve got strategies, tips, and backup! Have a question you’d like to ask our health coaches? Leave it below in the comments or over in the Mark’s Daily Apple Facebook group.

Annie asked:
“I switched to Primal a few months ago, and it’s going pretty well. Before that, I had a long history of on-and-off-again dieting and calorie counting. FINALLY, I’m starting to feel like I can just eat real food and let the weight watching go (without gaining weight in the process). The problem: Part of what helped me go Primal was following hashtags on Instagram like #paleo #primal #keto, etc. This actually helped me stick with it and feel part of a community of people eating this way and loving life. BUT lately I’ve noticed myself getting super triggered by certain posts. Usually these are women who are super thin (maybe anorexic) using paleo and keto hashtags. While I’ve come a long way, I don’t look anything like that. It triggers old habits around food and body image. How do

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Is the Pandemic Over? If Only It Were That Simple

Sept. 21, 2022 – President Joe Biden says the pandemic is over. The World Health Organization says the end is in sight. Many of us would rather talk about almost anything else, and even New York City has dropped most of its COVID protocols.

Biden’s claim (made to reporter Scott Pelley on Sunday on 60 Minutes) has caused the debate over COVID-19 to explode yet again, even though he’s twice now tried to soften it. It has roiled the already divided public, fueled extensive coverage on television news, and led pundits to take sides.

But to many, a pandemic can’t be declared “over” when the U.S. alone is averaging more than 71,000 new cases and more than 400 deaths a day, and there are 500,000 cases and nearly 2,000 deaths each day around the world.

Biden’s comment has split experts in medicine and public health. Some adamantly disagree that the pandemic is over, pointing out that COVID-19 remains a public health emergency in the United States, the World Health Organization still considers it a global pandemic, and most significantly, the virus is still killing over 400 people a day in the U.S.

Others point out that most of the

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Primal Skincare: Best Practices for Healthy Skin

The average person spends thousands of dollars a year on skincare products—lotions, creams, serums, tonics, and ointments designed to moisturize, heal, and fend off the outward signs of aging. For most people, the foremost consideration when choosing skincare products is, “Does it work?” However, the growing popularity of so-called clean beauty products indicates that more people are also caring about the quality of the ingredients they slather so liberally over their faces and bodies.

Why does it matter? Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is also permeable. Anything we put on our skin makes its way inside, so we certainly don’t want to be applying harmful substances to our skin. We also rely on our skin to provide a barrier with the outside world, keeping harmful organisms where they belong. When it’s healthy, skin plays an important role in the immune system. In part, it does this by housing its own microbiome. The skin microbiome is distinct from the one you might be more familiar with in the gut, but just like the gut, the skin microbiome can be disrupted. When that happens, a host of health issues can follow Thus, we want to protect the

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Keto Trail Mix | Mark’s Daily Apple

The great thing about making your own snack food at home is that you control what goes into it. This Sweet and Savory Keto Trail Mix combination is no exception. You can have a little sweet and a little salty together without any fear of sending your healthy diet into a nosedive. When you make this recipe in your own kitchen, tailor it to your own preference. Add a little more or less everything but the bagel seasoning. Cut back on the chocolate if you like, or, for that matter don’t add any – the coconut flakes will add plenty of sweetness for some. However you make it, this trail mix is still a fresher, healthier option than most store-bought versions.

The combination of nuts and seeds brings plenty of healthy protein and fat to this snack mix. You can make these separately or toss them together to enjoy a combination of sweet and savory. This is a perfect non-perishable snack to take hiking or camping (it is, after all, trail mix) or, keep an airtight container in your car or at work for snacking during the day.

How to make savory keto trail mix

Briefly baking this combination of

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What is the Protein Sparing Modified Fast Diet?

There are some crazy crash diets out there. You’ve got the cabbage diet, where people live (or try to live) off of cabbage soup for weeks at a time. You’ve got the gelatin diet of the 70s, where people would try to lose weight by eating only gelatin (it didn’t work and some people got really, really sick). There are dozens of variations of crash diets, and most of them are unsustainable, unhealthy, and ineffective. 

There’s one that’s a little different: the protein sparing modified fast. No less extreme but far more reasonable and effective than the others, the protein sparing modified fast, or PSMF, is an ultra high protein, low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie diet. It’s intended to accelerate fat loss and minimize muscle loss. It is not intended to be a long term way of eating, but rather a short term intervention that can springboard a person into greater sustained weight loss and healthy living. 

Why Do a Protein Sparing Modified Fast?

Because “weight loss” doesn’t tell you anything. Weight is a non-specific measurement of mass that’s comprised of fat, muscle, connective tissue, bone, and water. To “lose weight” can mean you’ve lost mostly muscle. It can mean you lost

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Success Story: Happy, Healthy, and Hot!

“It’s so much more than a physical transformation.”

Those are the words of one of my beautiful clients, and I realized they are a perfect description of my own journey as well.

I’m Elizabeth from Happy Healthy and Hot. I’m a 56-year-old double-certified health coach who helps women of all ages lose weight so they can love their bodies AND their lives. I’m passionate about showing them that it feels so good to feel so good and that it’s not just about the destination of better health, it’s about who you become on the journey.

Back in 2016, approaching my 50th birthday, I was featured as a success story here on MDA. I shared my health journey of finally clearing the cystic acne that had plagued me for decades, along with relieving severe anxiety and digestive issues. This was all a result of embracing the Primal lifestyle.

Recently I re-read that article and was moved to tears. In it, I mentioned three goals: to become certified as a Primal Health Coach, to start my coaching business, and write a book. I have accomplished all of that and so much more.

Earning my Primal Health Coach certification in 2017 took me

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How to Eat Healthy in College

The stereotype of a typical college student’s diet is pretty grim. Ramen and fast food. Keggers and 2 a.m. pizza. All-nighters fueled by Red Bull and Cool Ranch Doritos®. Mostly tragic dining hall food.

As with most stereotypes, this isn’t an accurate characterization. Oh, there’s plenty of pizza and energy drinks, but college isn’t really the health wasteland it’s made out to be. Many students eat normal meals at normal hours more often than not. They make at least some attempt to choose healthy fare. Dining halls try to present a variety of nutritious options—by conventional standards, not Primal ones, of course, but they do try.

This is to say, it’s entirely possible to eat healthy in college. Granted, we might want to adjust our standards for what “healthy” looks like in this context (occasional all-nighters are better than frequent all-nighters). And even then, it’s not always easy. Kids who live on campus are limited to what they can prepare in cramped dorm rooms and forage from campus dining services. Time is often at a premium. Grocery bills add up, and getting to the grocery store isn’t always easy. Many students simply aren’t prepared for the responsibility

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