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American Red Cross caught mixing vaxxed blood with unvaxxed

(Natural News)
If you or someone you know requires a blood transfusion, you might want to avoid tapping into the American Red Cross. That is because the group is indiscriminately mixing vaccinated blood with unvaccinated blood, we now know.

The reason this is highly problematic is because vaccinated blood is tainted blood, meaning the recipient will receive all the spike proteins and other toxins produced by the shots in the person who received them.

The Red Cross is basically poisoning the bodies of people who are already sick and in desperate need of clean, healthy blood – not blood that contains whatever was pumped in via Operation Warp Speed.

“We don’t label blood products as containing vaccinated or unvaccinated blood as the Covid-19 vaccine does not enter the bloodstream and poses no safety risks to the recipient,” the Red Cross claims.

“If you have safety concerns about potential blood transfusions, please speak with your medical care team.”

Covid jab spike proteins “wander freely through the bloodstream,” expert says

The issue came to light in response to inquiries about the Red Cross’s involvement in providing care following Hurricane Fiona, which ravaged the island of Puerto Rico.

Some were concerned

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Germany to nationalize struggling energy firm Uniper amid

(Natural News)
After bailing out one of the country’s largest private utility companies, Germany is now considering nationalizing it.

Uniper, which is being hit exceptionally hard by the ongoing European energy crisis, needs a lot of help if it is going to survive. The company has seen tremendous losses ever since the West imposed sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

In response to those sanctions, Russia shut off the Nord Stream 1 (NS1) natural gas pipeline, which powers Germany, France and other Western European nations that now face total economic collapse due to loss of energy.

Uniper has since had to purchase gas from outside its contracts on the open market. Looking at the charts, the cost of this outside energy is simply astronomical.

According to reports, Berlin has agreed to purchase the remaining stake owned by Uniper’s parent company, Finnish utility Fortum Oyj, for $1.69 per share.

“Buying Fortum’s stake means Germany will own 99% of Uniper,” it was reported. “The cost of nationalization comes as Berlin is set to inject 8 billion euros, equivalent to around $8 billion, into the utility.”

They’re just rearranging the deck chairs while the ship sinks

The stated goal

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162 Scientists who used to work for a top US nuclear

(Natural News)
A report by an intelligence firm revealed that 162 researchers from a top American nuclear facility have now been hired by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to do research. Much of the research they are doing is advanced Chinese military technology, constituting a grave threat to the national security of the United States.

The report was recently published by Strider Technologies, a strategic intelligence firm based out of Salt Lake City. The firm reported the systemic effort by the Chinese government to place Chinese scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where America first developed nuclear weapons. Many of the scientists were later lured back to China to help make advances in such technologies as deep-earth-penetrating warheads, hypersonic missiles, quiet submarines and drones.

The Los Alamos lab is one of the largest scientific and technological institutions in the world. Its scientists conduct a ton of research for the military and other aspects of American national security. These scientists also do a lot of research on space exploration, nuclear fusion, nanotechnology and supercomputing. (Related: Russia, China make stunning advances in anti-satellite drone swarms, laser weapons to win space war.)

According to Strider, the 162 scientists

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Within two months, there’ll be a “great world conflict,”

(Natural News)
Before the end of 2022, there is probably going to be a “great world conflict” that radically alters the fabric of life as we currently know it, says Serbian President Aleksander Vucic.

The comment was made during the first day of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly’s latest session in New York.

“You see a crisis in every part of the world,” Vucic told Serbian state broadcaster RTS.

“I think realistic predictions ought to be even darker. Our position is even worse, since the UN has been weakened and the great powers have taken over and practically destroyed the UN order over the past several decades.”

Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine has escalated, Vucic argues. It is now in a much deadlier phase, he says, that could lead to World War III. (Related: Will this “great world conflict” that Vucic is warning about culminate with the end of Western civilization?)

“I assume that we’re leaving the phase of the special military operation and approaching a major armed conflict,” he says.

“And now the question becomes where is the line, and whether after a certain time – maybe a month or two, even – we will

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New York’s Plum Island Animal Disease Center accused of

(Natural News)
The Plum Island Animal Disease Center – located a mile off Long Island, New York – is the center of controversy in regards to the development and release of Lyme disease, among other known infectious diseases that could escape from the lab and transmit between animals and humans.

This biolab has been used by the US government for several decades to develop defensive strategies to protect against foreign animal diseases that could be accidentally or intentionally introduced into US livestock.

This is the government’s official story; however, documents uncovered from the lab in 1993 by investigative reporter John McDonald, detailed Plum Island’s true mission and tell a very different story. According to the documents, the lab existed to “develop biological warfare weaponry that would be used to poison cattle and other livestock in the former Soviet Union.” In other words, the biolab was working on OFFENSIVE bioweapons that could be used to take down livestock in other countries.

Plum Island lab has Nazi origins, involved in the development of offensive bioweapons

The Plum Island biolab was also founded with nefarious intentions. The biolab was founded after the Second World War to develop offensive bioweapons. The US

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LITHIUM mining for electric vehicles is incredibly

(Natural News)
Electric vehicles are promoted as the solution for combating “climate change.” Governments are currently incentivizing the production of electric vehicles, while punishing the fossil fuel industry. However, lithium mining for electric vehicles is incredibly destructive to the environment, and is about as far from “green” as one could imagine. Not to mention, most of the lithium-ion batteries produced today come from China and require water-intensive mining operations that ravage natural environments throughout Australia, Argentina and Chile. The process depletes ground water, and leaves behind toxic wastewater that contaminates fields and harms wildlife. The mining process is not carbon dioxide free, either. The mining process releases 15,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions for every ton of lithium that is extracted.

There are serious environmental risks to extracting lithium for the production of lithium-ion batteries

When lithium is extracted from salt mines, the miners must drill into the salt flats and pump out a salty, mineral-rich brine. The brine is placed in large pools, so the water can evaporate out. When the brine evaporates, it leaves behind a sludge of potassium, manganese, borax and lithium salts that must be filtered out further. The process pollutes nearby aquifers and

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Texas Attorney General continues fight against school

(Natural News)
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a petition aimed at reversing the decision made by a Bexar County judge to reject the state’s request for a temporary injunction that would block a vaccine mandate for staff at the San Antonio Independent School district.

The vaccine mandate is currently on pause, but Paxton is moving full steam ahead now that the court has ruled in favor of the mandate.

In an announcement, Paxton said that the decision is illegal under state law and an affront to individual liberty.

He stated: “Nobody should be bullied, coerced, and certainly not fired because of their COVID-19 vaccination status.”

“The governor’s executive order specifically protects workers from the type of mass firings that San Antonio ISD is seeking, and I will continue to fight in court to defend GA-39 and Texans’ medical freedom,” he added.

A spokesperson for the San Antonio Independent School district said the vaccine mandate will remain suspended for the time being and that employees are not being disciplined over their refusal to get the vaccine. However, that could change soon thanks to the recent decision, so Paxton is taking steps to protect people’s health freedom.


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Block the sun and turn Earth into a frozen ice ball in the

(Natural News)
To help cool the allegedly warming planet, mad scientists are proposing the use of geoengineering “chemtrails” to be sprayed at the North and South Poles in order to “refreeze” them.

Jet aircraft would be deployed high up in the sky to blast out massive plumes of microscopic aerosol particles designed to reflect sunlight back into space, preventing it from reaching Earth. This, we are told, will cool down the icecaps.

In order to make this happen, ironically enough, some 175,000 jet flights per year would be necessary – which means a lot of polluting jet fuel will need to be burned.

Millions of tons of these toxic chemicals will also float around before eventually setting onto the icecaps and into the water, causing untold harm to sea life – but at least the planet would be a little cooler, maybe.

“Under the plan, a fleet of 125 military air-to-air refuelling tankers would release a cloud of microscopic sulphur dioxide particles at an altitude of 43,000ft (13km) and latitude of 60 degrees in both hemispheres, roughly equivalent to the Shetland Islands in the north, and the Falklands in the south,” reports explain.

“The particles would slowly drift

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Israel knew about serious safety problems with covid jabs

(Natural News)
Covid “vaccines” were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed and widely distributed for a full year before the Israeli government decided to look at any of the safety data, according to shocking new revelations.

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of public services at Israel’s Health Ministry, upon learning that the shots were deadly a full year in, sat on that information until now as millions upon millions of people rolled up their sleeves for injection. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage about covid jab deception in Israel).

Alroy-Preis is part of a cohort that deliberately withheld the truth about Fauci Flu shots from the public, all the while lying to the public about how “safe and effective” they supposedly are.

We are not talking about mild side effects like injection site swelling, by the way. Serious, long-term health problems were identified very early on in conjunction with the jabs, including neurological damage with no apparent end.

These side effects were also established in follow-up research as being causal, meaning Israeli authorities knew the shots were responsible for them. And yet they pushed them anyway because, quite frankly, there was and still is a lot of money to be

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Mazie Hirono, a Democrat senator for Hawaii, apparently

(Natural News)
The infamous Hawaiian Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono is once again calling for violence against her political opponents, including her constituents who support the preservation of unborn human life.

In a rant she spewed on the Senate floor the other day, Hirono blasted the pro-life movement and issued “literally” a “call to arms in our country” against it (Related: Remember when Mazie Hirono called for a blanket ban on “white” people occupying any positions within Joe Biden’s cabinet?).

“When I hear my colleagues talking about how it should be states’ rights or government should not be telling us what to do, the word ‘hypocrites,’ it doesn’t even go far enough to call them out on what they’re doing,” Hirono belched.

“This is an outright attack on women in this country. That is how I see it.”

Hirono went on to claim that “more and more women” feel the same way that she does about “our right to make decisions about or own bodies.”

Fighting the pro-life movement, she continued, “is literally a call to arms in our country” – watch below:

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