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NEJM study confirms that covid jabs destroy natural immunity

(Natural News)
Within the first few months following “vaccination” for covid, a new study has found, a person’s immune system degrades to the point of developing negative immunity.

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published the disturbing paper, which looked at 887,193 children aged five to 11 in North Carolina, 30.8 percent (273,157) of whom received at least one dose of Pfizer’s mRNA (messenger RNA) shot between Nov. 1, 2021, and June 3, 2022.

Using a form of statistical modeling that carefully adjusts for confounding factors such as underlying health conditions, scientists determined that the shots fail rather quickly post-injection and eventually eat away at immunity in a manner similar to AIDS – hence why many now refer to post-injection immune degradation as vaccine-induced AIDS, or VAIDS.

The shots not only failed to provide protection for the children after just a few short months, but they also left the children in worse immune shape overall. (Related: Natural immunity, not vaccine-induced “immunity,” is the way to go for long-term health.)

The study’s authors wrote that even though covid injections appear to “confer considerable immunity against Omicron infection,” they only do so for a few months, if that (supposedly).

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Biden signs new order to develop genetic engineering

(Natural News)
On September 12, the Biden White House signed off on a new Executive Order called: “Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy.” The order calls for the rapid development of a “bioeconomy” to address “societal goals” like PROGRAMMING HUMAN BIOLOGY. The order refers to a bioeconomy as an “economic activity derived from the life sciences, particularly in the areas of biotechnology and biomanufacturing, including industries, products, services, and the workforce.”

Most shocking, the order directs multiple federal agencies to work with the private sector to develop genetic engineering technologies to “write circuitry for cells” and to “predictably program biology.”

Taken directly from the executive order: “For biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals, the United States needs to invest in foundational scientific capabilities. We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers.”

All the “conspiracy theories” about hacking human cells and human DNA are coming to light, as the federal government pushes a sadistic, transhumanism agenda on the American population and the rest

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“The Science” is collapsing in New Zealand as covid-19

(Natural News)
On September 13, 2022, the New Zealand government announced that they will be rolling back covid-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates. “The Science” is suddenly collapsing in New Zealand, as the population exits its state of mass psychosis and learns to reject new vaccine booster programs, forced masks and social distancing.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “It’s time to safely turn the page on our COVID-19 management and live without the extraordinary measures we have previously used.” She said the rollback on restrictions and mandates is a “milestone” and now the population can “move forward with certainty.”

New Zealanders no longer tolerating medical tyranny, as “the science” narrative collapses

Just a year ago, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern rolled out a “traffic-light system” of population control that held the people hostage to “The Science” of lockdowns, family separation, forced masks, isolation, PCR tests, and mandatory mRNA vaccines.

This miserable system of slavery granted special privileges to the vaccine-compliant, while barring the “unvaccinated” from public life. The vaccine-compliant, of course, were either manipulated, injured or killed. Vaccine survivors had to get sick on purpose, destroy their innate immune system, and give up their basic human

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Anti-animal food TERRORISTS are vandalizing milk processing

(Natural News)
To fight the “cruel and destructive” practice of animal farming, a terrorist group called “Animal Rebellion” is reportedly vandalizing milk processing centers all throughout the United Kingdom in pursuit of a “plant-based future.”

Circulating video footage – watch below – shows members of the Animal Rebellion terrorist organization, most of whom appear to be younger white females, blasting white spray paint all over the wall and fence of a company in Great Britain that produces milk and dairy products for consumers.

“I’m here today with other concerned members of Animal Rebellion,” one young woman and member of the group said as narration to the video. “It is the first day of Liz Truss’s questions as PM (prime minister).”

“We are here asking the most important question facing the British public today: What is she going to do about the current climate and ecological emergency? We want her to invest

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91% of Biden voters took the jab, proving that stupid in

(Natural News)
The Economist and YouGov conducted a poll recently which found that the vast majority of people in the United States who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election are “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Some 91 percent of Biden voters, the results show, rolled up a sleeve and said yes to the experimental poison from Operation Warp Speed, believing it to be the cure for Chinese Germs.

Only three in 10 people who participated in the survey indicated that they have not received any injections for the Fauci Flu, illustrating that most Americans regardless of political persuasion took the clot shots, either because they wanted to or because they were “forced” to in order to keep working or going to school.

A majority of respondents, 71 percent, said they received “at least one shot of ANY manufacturer’s COVID-19 vaccine,” while about three in 10 said they did not. (Related: Remember when Biden pushed for vaccinators to go door-to-door in pursuit of the unvaccinated?)

“The figure is highest among independents, 39 percent of whom said they have not received any coronavirus vaccine,” reported Breitbart News. “Another 35 percent of Republicans indicated that they

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Pentagon halts production of vaunted F-35 after discovering

(Natural News)
The Pentagon has halted production of the world’s most expensive — and some say advanced — fighter jet after technicians and engineers found that a component used it the plane contained a Chinese alloy, in violation of federal law.

The Defense Department said it is halting further deliveries of the Lightning II to customers including the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy after finding the Chinese-sourced rare-earth alloy in magnets for pumps used on the fighter.

Defense Department spokesman Russell Goemaere told Bloomberg News in an email that the F-35 program office “temporarily paused the acceptance of new F-35 aircraft to ensure the F-35 program’s compliance” with DoD rules sourcing “specialty metals.”

Goemaere did say, however, that the Chinese alloy is not going to disrupt current operations involving F-35s currently forward deployed with the U.S. military and global partners because “the magnet does not transmit information or harm the integrity of the aircraft and there are no performance, quality, safety or security risks associated with this issue.”

He went on to say that the DoD F-35 program office “found an alternative source for the alloy that will be used in future turbomachines.

“We are working with

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Nutrition Business

How to Grow Your Nutrition Business

Whether you have an existing or want to start a nutrition business, it is a great sign when thinking of growing it. So it means you can be looking for ways to help clients and add value.

Making up your mind to grow your business might seem very intimidating, particularly if you think of how to get more customers. So to help you grow your nutrition business, the following are ways to consider:

1. Build Professional Referral Networks

By building client referral networks, you will be able to connect with other professional wellness specialists and get steady referrals from customers.

Even having several networks of wellness experts referring some customers to you regularly will contribute a lot to keeping customer-load full.

Spending time nurturing, growing, and building your customer referral networks can be worth it. In order to get started with this, you will need to search for some wellness experts within your area that are likely to care for your clients.

2. Manage Inventories

With every business, the management of inventories is important. If your business organization deals with nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, then it is imperative to have control over things.

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Judging a food by its cover: Health Canada publishes

On July 20, 2022, Health Canada published amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations (“FDR“) creating a requirement for prepackaged foods whose contents meet or exceed certain thresholds of saturated fat, sodium and/or sugars to include a symbol on the front label of their packages.

The amended regulations come into force immediately and follow the announcement from the Minister of Health on June 30. Manufacturers will have until December 31, 2025 to change labels on prepackaged foods to comply with the new requirements.

Health Canada published these regulations under its mandate to promote the health and safety of Canadians. The introduction of thresholds that trigger the requirement for a FOP nutrition symbol indicating a “high” quantity of saturated fat, sodium and/or sugar is meant to help Canadian consumers make informed choices about their prepackaged food purchases.

FOP nutrition symbol

Prepackaged products that meet or exceed prescribed thresholds for saturated fat, sodium and/or sugar are now required to carry a FOP nutrition symbol on the label’s principal display panel to indicate that the food is high in one or more of those nutrients. The FOP nutrition symbol is meant to complement the Nutrition Facts table, which is found on

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Scan Your Shopping Cart With Yuka and Make Healthier Choices

The Yuka ratings for food come from three weighted considerations:

  • 60% from the Nutri-Score
  • 30% from additives
  • 10% based on whether the product is organic

Nutri-Score is used in many European countries, including Yuka’s native France. It is a simple five-color label categorizing food from A to E. Attributes like high energy density, sugar content, saturated fatty acids, and salt negatively affect the Nutri-Score, while fiber; protein content; and the presence of fruits, vegetables or rapeseed, walnut, or olive oil positively affect the score. The lower the score, the better.

Food labeling differs from country to country. Nutri-Score comes from the nutrient-profiling system developed by the British Food Standards Agency, but—confusingly—the UK uses a traffic light system instead, with color-coded ratings for energy, fat, saturates, sugar, and salt. The US relies on the FDA’s nutrition facts label, which breaks things down as a percentage of your recommended daily allowance. 

Some of what Yuka covers is included in current labels in Europe, but the app also takes into account potentially harmful additives. For example, Diet Coke is green with the Traffic Light system, but it appears orange in Yuka, which scores it 41/100 because of various additives (specifically, E950, E951, E150d,

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Reworking summer’s condiment — the sweet pickle relish

Sweet pickle relish is pivotal to making my tuna salad, salmon salad, topping a hot dog or a hamburger, or making my Thousand Island dressing or tartar sauce. If you believe that “pivotal” seems too strong, imagine what those would be like without pickle relish.

What bothers me about any regular sweet pickle relish is what makes it sweet: sugars.

Let’s look at the nutrition facts label on Target’s Good & Gather brand Organic Sweet Relish. A tablespoon delivers 20 calories. Organic cucumbers lead the ingredient list, followed by organic sugar. There are 4 grams of added sugar, which means 16 calories of that relish’s 20 calories come from sugar. Sugar delivers 80% of that relish’s calories; cucumbers contribute just 4.

Are no-sugar sweet pickle relishes available? Certainly.

Mt. Olive Pickle Company makes a No-Sugar-Added Sweet Relish sweetened with sucralose (Splenda).

Splenda, like NutraSweet (aspartame), is made in a chemical laboratory and depending on whom you believe, Splenda can be a dietary problem. Google it.

Does any pickle company worth its cucumbers make a sweet relish without artificial sugar substitutes like sucralose or NutraSweet?

None that I could find.

Are organic sweet pickle relishes available? You betcha.

Any that don’t

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