Danone SN Joins Shopee’s Regional Brand Day

Danone SN Joins Shopee’s Regional Brand Day

Jakarta. Food giant Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia recently announced that it would join e-commerce platform Shopee’s Regional Brand Day campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle for families and children.

The “Let Wellness Take Flight” campaign will run on Shopee Mall’s Regional Super Brand Day starting from July 25-29. 

The campaign seeks to encourage Southeast Asia’s customers to start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle with Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia.

For this Regional Super Brand Day event, Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia and Shopee will present tons of activities. On July 27, parents can tune in to a live stream on building resilience in children with Tasya Kamila. 

The campaign includes a shopper’s choice shopping guide. Danone Specialized Nutrition offers nutritional products for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, growth milk, as well as products for those with specific nutritional needs. To make shopping easier, Danone Specialized Nutrition has included the product’s information and its benefits on its official store. This will undoubtedly help shoppers to understand the quality of its various types of products.

Throughout the campaign, Danone will offer a discount of up to Rp 150,000 for product purchases over a year, free gifts for every purchase, as well as bundled packages. 

“Prioritizing consumer’s health is of great importance to us. We believe this regional campaign would enable us to show our care and appreciation to our customers by providing them easy access to products that can support their health and nutritional needs,” Deborah Chong, the global head of e-commerce at Danone, was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

According to Deborah, the company’s online business had enjoyed a 105 percent growth across Southeast Asia on last year’s Shopee’s 12.12 Birthday Sale. As more people turn to e-commerce platforms like Shopee, the campaign is expected to boost the company’s regional presence.

Lee Meng Thoong, the sales director at Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia, also commented on the partnership. 

“We are incredibly excited for our partnership with Shopee to serve our customers better and support them in adopting a healthier lifestyle in line with our vision ‘One Planet, One Health’,” Thoong said.

“As a leading food and beverage company that focuses on health, we wish to thrive with Shopee by maximizing our digital commerce potential. We will focus on meeting our customer’s needs and providing higher value with more diverse product offers and customer experience,” Thoong added.

Pavan Challa, the director for regional brand partnerships at Shopee, said “we have closely worked on a new digital initiative for our customers to empower them to lead healthier lives through access to quality food and nutrition.” 

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