Here’s How to Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in Just

Here’s How to Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in Just

Summer is here, but it is never too late to get your summer body ready. Although most of us look forward to longer days and much-needed vacations, for many, summer also means the dreaded “swimsuit season.”

All bodies are beautiful, but if you feel like losing weight or getting into shape will boost your confidence, one man’s method can help you to do just that—and in only six weeks.

Ben Meer, founder of System Sunday and an NASM certified personal trainer, recently shared his method for getting in the best shape of your life when you’re on a deadline. His fitness plan, which he broke down into 10 steps for Twitter users, received over 144,000 likes and more than 19,000 retweets from people eager to give it a go.

Meer told Newsweek: “We could all use a little bit of fitness motivation after the pandemic.

“Now is a pivotal moment to build back healthy habits, and I wanted to give people some actionable advice on how to do that.”

Launched in March 2022, System Sunday educates people on technology that can help them to live smarter. Meer has applied this thinking to his own lifestyle, with the six-week plan tailored around those with a hectic schedule.

“I think I can bring a unique perspective as someone who has a busy, high-powered job, but wants to stay in shape,” he said. “I do believe you can have it all.”

Studies show that it’s easier to get fit in the summer, thanks to the warmer weather and increased daylight hours encouraging us to get out more. Losing weight is also less challenging, as higher temperatures lead to slower digestion and feeling fuller for longer.

Delicious seasonal produce means we also eat 200 fewer calories a day on average during the summer, which adds up over time. So, if you want to make a positive change to your health and wellbeing, summer is a great time to get started.

Step one of Meer’s six-week plan is to “Do abs every day.” In his viral Twitter thread, Meer explains that abs recover faster than other muscle groups, making it possible to exercise this area on a daily basis.

“Do 10-15 minutes of abs daily,” he wrote. “My go-to routine? Youtube: Athlean-x 22.”

Step two is “Drink your body weight in water.” Meer said this replenishes your muscles and increases your willpower, as “78% of the population is dehydrated.”

The third step is to follow a low or no-carb diet. Meer follows the keto diet, which involves limiting your carb intake to between 20 and 50 grams a day. Step four is to eat more protein, with Meer recommending 1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight, with step five limiting fizzy drinks and alcohol so you don’t “drink your calories.”

Ben Meer working out with an exercise ball. Meer’s six-week plan is an advanced bootcamp tailored around a busy lifestyle.
Ben Meer

He said: “I’m not a nutritionist, so I do want to make that disclaimer, but I do think nutrition is at least half the battle.

“The most time-proven way to lose weight is a calorie deficit. The best way to figure it out is to multiply your body weight (in lbs) by 15, which will give you an understanding of what your current calorie expenditure is. You then subtract 500 from that amount.”

Step six is to get at least seven and half hours of sleep each night, which is also the amount of sleep recommended by doctors.

He explained: “Your muscles need sleep to recover.

“I also recommend taking a midday power nap (if you can).”

Step seven is to integrate cardio into your routine, with the goal of completing 20-40 minutes, four to five days a week. Meer suggests cycling, as it’s “low joint stress.”

As well as ab workouts, Meer also recommends strength training five times a week, with each session dedicated to a different body part.

Steps nine and 10 are tips for staying motivated, such as tracking your progress and holding yourself accountable. Meer advises taking the challenge alongside a friend, or signing up for a commitment contract with an app such as stickK.

“If you fail to follow through with your commitment, you can tell stickK to donate the money to a cause you dislike,” he explained.

“Knowing that you’re making progress is crucial to motivation and staying invested.”

Although this is an advanced boot camp, Meer cautions against an all-or-nothing approach.

“Our lives are never going to be perfect, but they can be extraordinary. It’s ok if you miss a day in the gym, what’s not ok is letting that day turn into three weeks.

“Prioritize on getting back on track the next day. If you combine even just a few things I recommend here, it’s going to go a long way towards living a healthier life.”

Get in best shape of your life
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