Kubbra Sait’s high-on-energy Instagram post is all the

Kubbra Sait’s high-on-energy Instagram post is all the

Kubbra Sait’s HIIT routine included box jumps, side jumps and push-ups. (Photo credit: Kubbra Sait/Instagram)

New Delhi: Kubbra Sait is famed in Bollywood for breaking stereotypes on screen and let’s admit it – she is the other name for fitness inspiration too for her fans. Every now and then, she posts pictures and videos while performing intense workouts thereby raising the bar with each video that breaks. On the one hand, when several celebrities choose to demonstrate workouts for their fans, the Sacred Games actress posts monologues about her wins and failures at the gym and how the time-taking process demands perseverance from all.
In a recent Instagram Reel video, Kubbra Sait spoke about the bitter-sweet taste of high-intensity interval workouts and how one needs to push oneself to achieve the ultimate fitness dream.
“@kubbrasait admitting the bitter sweet taste of HIIT workouts that she & I have done in our training,” wrote the actress’s coach Urmi Kothari.

In the video, she first spoke about HIIT workouts followed by intense workouts where she is seen performing push-ups and side jumps. In the video, she also spoke about postures and how she once believed that they are inherited and cannot be fixed. Struggling with a rounded shoulder herself, she spoke to her trainer about it when her fitness journey began three years ago. And now, thanks to workouts, she managed to fix posture-related woes as well.

What are the health benefits of Kubbra Sait’s HIIT routine?

Kubbra Sait’s HIIT routine included box jumps, side jumps, and push-ups. These exercises help strengthen the lower body while improving athletic abilities. The routine also boosts weight loss by burning several calories in one go, strengthening the heart, improving balance, posture, and flexibility along with stronger shoulders and lower back.

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