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Opinion: What’s the beef with warning labels on ground meat?

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The recent outcry of Alberta meat producers, and now the province of Alberta, over new requirements to label the front of a package of ground beef to indicate that it is high in fat, along with the media coverage and commentary to date, has largely ignored the rationale for such labels, the broader context and the lengthy political process which resulted in such labelling requirements.

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What is the rationale? A headline in the Guardian newspaper in 2019 declared “Bad diets killing more people than tobacco” highlighting a study in the Lancet outlining the impact of improper nutrition on disease and morbidity. According to the study, over 11 million people died globally as a result of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes, which are related to diet and food choices that resulted in poor nutrition.

As a result of

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Get Personal: Trainers provide extra motivation | Town&Gown

Gbolahan Olaogun graduated from Penn State with a major in
movement science. (Photo by David Silber)

Once thought of as a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, personal training has exploded in popularity over the past decade or so. Today, more and more people are turning to personal training as an accessible and effective way to get in shape and stay healthy—largely because it’s hard for most people to come up with a fitness routine on their own that provides the safety, education, and accountability that a personal trainer can deliver.

A more customized approach to fitness makes personal training a great choice for those just starting their own fitness journey, according to Gbolahan Olaogun of One on One Fitness Consultants.

“Movement is a human need. We’ve been told since grade school we should be doing at least three days of moderate-to-high intensity exercise per week, but who knows what to do with that consistently and for a long period of time? I think a lot of people are inactive because they just don’t know what to do,” he says. “That’s where we come in.”

Caitlin Bly Leiter of MBI Fitness says, “Someone who is just starting out can

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General Guidance in Reading the California Military and

California’s statutes are contained in 29 separate codes. The eighteenth alphabetically is the Military and Veterans Code. All 29 Codes have general provisions applicable to reading and interpreting that Code’s sections. The following are selected general provisions of the Military and Veterans Code:

Section 1 – This Act is known as the Military and Veterans Code.

Section 2 – The provisions of this Code in so far as they are substantially the same as existing statutes relating to the same subject matter must be construed as restatements and continuations, and not as new enactments.

Section 3 – Unless the context otherwise requires, the general provisions set forth govern the construction of this Code.

Section 6 – Division, part, chapter, and article headings contained herein do not govern, limit, modify, or in any manner affect the scope, meaning, or intent of the provisions of any portion of this Code.

Section 7 – Whenever, by the provisions of this Code, a power is granted to a public officer or a duty imposed upon such an officer, the power may be exercised or duty performed by a deputy of the officer or by a person authorized pursuant to law by the officer, unless

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The best healthcare apps in 2022

The virtual healthcare market is literally exploding, with growth projected to rise by as much as 11.8% between 2022-2030. From pressing medical concerns to scheduling a session with a therapist, a tap of a finger will be more than enough to access an app for every need.

Currently, there is an influx of digital health devices already in the market, and with a new healthcare app making a debut almost every day it is evident that this extensive penetration will become the nucleus of the health treatment industry in the years to come.

So how do you look for the proverbial needle in the haystack? To be of some assistance, go through the best healthcare apps of 2022 identified here, which offer ubiquitous access to products and services that will not only meet customer expectations but far exceed them.

Generis – genes and nutrition

This innovative healthcare app focuses on helping people improve their lives by understanding their genes. Powered by the individual’s DNA, Generis provides advice on food and nutrition, fitness recommendations, and much more through an aesthetic easy-to-use interface.

BetterHelp – online counseling

BetterHelp is considered the trailblazer of online therapy as it provides patients with quick and

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In Indonesia, ‘pay later’ services leave some drowning in

Ubud, Indonesia – Nadhea Putri’s mounting debt began with a single mobile phone purchase.

Putri, who lives in Kuala Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, about 1,600km from Jakarta, had dreamed of upgrading to a newer model for months but did not have enough cash.

Then, earlier this year, the 21-year-old university student noticed an option to buy now, pay later (BNPL) offered on the checkout page of her favourite online shopping app. It took her less than 24 hours to activate the payment method, and the phone – which cost nearly five times her monthly earnings – was finally hers in February.

More than four months later, Putri is still struggling to pay back the balance, along with mounting interest.

“I’m too scared to even use my new phone now,” Putri told Al Jazeera, asking to use a pseudonym to protect her anonymity. “Every day, debt collectors call me more than 20 times. I feel terrorised, but I can’t tell my parents. I don’t want to burden them.”

BNPL, which lets customers pay for goods in instalments at varying rates of interest, has helped to plug a significant lending gap in Indonesia. Credit card penetration in the country is notoriously low, sitting

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Lawsuit claims Facebook wrongly collects patient data

Federal case follows news report about tracker programmed in patient portals.

Facebook wrongly tracked patient information of at least 664 hospital systems or medical provider websites, according to a class action lawsuit filed in federal court.

The case was filed a day after a news report this month claimed the social media network was “receiving sensitive medical information from hospital websites” through its Pixel tracking tool installed on hospital websites.

The lawsuit claims breach of contract, violations of good faith and fair dealing, invasion of privacy, violations of federal and state privacy laws and state unfair competition law, and negligent misrepresentation by Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. It seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, but noted the “amount in controversy” exceeds $5 million.

How it works

The legal complaint said: “When a patient communicates with a health care provider’s website where the Facebook Pixel is present on the patient portal login page, the Facebook Pixel source code causes the exact content of the patient’s communication with their health care provider to be redirected to Facebook in a fashion that identifies them as a patient.”

The lawsuit acknowledged Facebook requires businesses that use Pixel must have lawful rights to collect,

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DASH Your Way to Healthier Blood Pressure By Johanna Hicks

DASH Your Way to Healthier Blood Pressure

You might have heard about the DASH eating plan.  It’s more that just a seasoning.  The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan is part of a healthy lifestyle that focuses on incorporating foods that help lower high blood pressure, as well as incorporating physical activity into your daily routine.  The DASH eating plan is not intended to treat hypertension but following some of the lifestyle modifications has been shown to lower blood pressure for individuals.  If you are under the care of a physician due to hypertension, be sure to follow his or her advice.

The National Institutes of Health define blood pressure into three areas:

  • Normal
  • Pre-hypertension
  • Hypertension (stage 1 or 2)

Blood pressure is measured using two numbers:  Systolic is the top number of the reading and measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart beats.  Diastolic is the bottom number which measures the pressure in your blood vessels when the heart rests.

Normal blood pressure is a systolic reading of 120 or less, and diastolic number of less than 80.  So, if your blood pressure is less than 120 over 80 mmHg (millimeters of mercury), you

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Wagner Magazine wins top prize

‘Lonnie Brandon & the North Hall 27’ was the cover story for the Fall 2021 issue of Wagner Magazine

Wagner Magazine, the alumni magazine of Wagner College, has won a Grand Gold Award in the Council for Advancement and Support of Education’s 2022 Circle of Excellence competition.

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education — or CASE, as it is usually called — is the leading professional organization for university fundraising, alumni and communications departments around the globe.

Wagner Magazine’s CASE award was given for “Lonnie Brandon and the North Hall 27,” an article written by Lee Manchester and Stephanie Siek for the publication’s Fall 2021 issue.

There were 20 winners in this year’s News/Feature (1,000+ words) writing category of the CASE Circle of Excellence competition, including six gold prizes awarded to Boston College, Notre Dame, Yale, Holy Cross, Stanford and Portland State — but Wagner College was the winner of the only Grand Gold Award, the top prize in the category. According to CASE, the Grand Gold Award is only given rarely, and many times it’s not awarded at all.

“Lonnie Brandon and the North Hall 27” tells the story of a student organization, Black Concern, and its

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Travis Barker’s Daughter Asks for ‘Prayers’ Amid Hospital

Worried for her family. Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama is requesting well wishes amid her dad’s hospitalization.

“Please send your prayers,” the 16-year-old wrote via her Instagram Story on Tuesday, June 28, after Barker, 46, was seen being transported to the hospital in an ambulance for undisclosed health issues.

Alabama Barker and Travis Barker
Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Per photos published by TMZ, the Blink-182 drummer and his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, were seen arriving at the West Hills hospital in Los Angeles after he suffered some sort of health problem. The rocker was then taken by an ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical center while Kourtney, 43, was photographed by her husband’s side.

Just hours prior to Barker’s hospitalization, the musician shared an ominous message via Twitter, writing, “God save me,” which caused fans to show concern as to what he might have meant.

His son Landon took the stage at Madison Square Garden that same night to perform with Machine Gun Kelly.

The health scare comes just weeks after Barker celebrated Father’s Day with his brood of six. In addition to daughter Alabama, the Meet the Barker’s alum shares son Landon, 18, with ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

Alabama, for her part,

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2022 MXGP of Indonesia Results

Cycle News Staff | June 28, 2022

The FIM MXGP World Championship took place at an all-new venue, the Samota Rocket Motor Circuit in Samota-Sumbawa, Indonesia for the Indonesian Grand Prix, round 12 of the series, June 26. The track was purpose-built for this race and while the starting gates were sparse, with 20 MXGP riders and only 14 lining up for the MX2 class, the venue itself saw a healthy turnout of fans at the island event. KTM’s Tom Vialle and Honda’s Tim Gajser both swept the day with perfect 1-1 finishes.


Only the strongest MXGP riders made an appearance at the MXGP of Indonesia as costs and logistics played a part in rider attendance. Some riders even battled food poisoning prior to the event, but toughed it out in order to race. Moto one saw Tim Gajser holeshot and quickly escape from the rest of the field. The points leader was practically untouchable for the entire first race as he went on to victory. Despite battles throughout the pack, Jorge Prado and Ruben Fernandez held on for second and third.

Tim Gajser rode to a perfect 1-1 day in Indonesia. Photo: @ShotByBavo

Prado looked to bounce

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