Pernod Ricard unveils digital label to offer health and

Pernod Ricard unveils digital label to offer health and

28 Jun 2022 — Pernod Ricard is launching an interactive digital label system to inform consumers about product ingredients, associated health risks, as well as local drinking guidelines. 

The company aims to cater to consumers’ needs for a more transparent product and will launch a European pilot in July 2022, before a total conversion to the system is implemented on all brands globally by 2024.

To support the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking’s commitments, Pernod Ricard announced in 2021 the addition of two pictograms on its packaging. Alongside its pre-existing warning logo against drinking when pregnant, the packaging now includes two illustrations that warn against underage drinking and drunk driving.

Interacting for transparency
In addition to the pre-existing warning pictograms, the health information and the product ingredients will be available (including nutritional information), once every bottle of Pernod Ricard’s brands will have its own QR code on the label.

According to recent data by Innova Market Insights, nearly 45% of consumers in France consider access to information about product transparency a very important part of their purchase decision, however, less than 5% of consumers say that they check QR codes on packaging to find product information.

Once the Pernod Ricard QR code is scanned with a smartphone, it will redirect the consumers directly to a platform where they will be granted access to relevant information, specific to each product. 

Leading to local legislation
The European wine and spirits association provides a list of the ingredients and all nutrition facts together with Pernod Ricard. Then, information regarding the health risks associated with the consumption of alcohol will be displayed. 

Scan the Pernod Ricard QR code to be directed to a platform where relevant product information is displayed.Lastly, the platform will provide responsible drinking guidelines issued by the country’s own government authorities and information regarding who the country considers appropriate consumers.

All of this information will be available in the local language and include guidelines that differ from one country to another.

“As a consumer-centric company committed to responsible drinking, this new digital label system strives to respond to our customers’ evolving needs. Now more than ever, consumers want to know what is in their drinks. Thanks to digital technology, this information can now be accessed easily,” Alexandre Ricard, chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, says.

Alcohol labeling in Europe
In recent developments, the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA) UK called upon the government to legally mandate alcohol companies to display health warnings, ingredients, calories, sugar contents and other important nutritional information as the current UK law only requires drinks with alcohol to display volume, strength and common allergens.

According to findings by the AHA, only 5% of products displayed full nutritional information, 6% of products showed sugar content and 41% displayed the calories on the drinks.

“Alcohol’s continued exemption to the rules and standards followed by the rest of the food and drinks industry is detrimental to our health,” confirmed professor Ian Gilmore, chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance.

This topic was covered in more detail in another article on FoodIngredientsFirst.

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