Reputation Influencers: What Are They And How To Use Them To Improve Your Brand’s Image

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Reputation Influencers: What Are They And How To Use Them To Improve Your Brand’s Image

Online reputation management for business is as important as a good IRL (in real life) reputation. It’s essential to boost and maintain sales and success for your brand. A positive online reputation will lead to:

  • Increase in profitability
  • Customer retention
  • Better CLR (customer lifetime retention rate)
  • Happier employees
  • Better job candidates

That sounds amazing! How do you do that? It helps to assess the 5 key features of your successful brand and build your strategy around that.

What Are The 5 Key Features Of A Brand?

  • A Good Brand Strategy: Well written content, designs and logos that match your brand vision, and positive reviews and testimonials.
  • Brand Authenticity: Build trust with consumers
  • Commitment To Quality: Pursue quality and great customer experience
  • Strong Online Presence: Having a substantial digital footprint increases brand awareness, growth and engagement
  • A Clean Online Reputation: Having excellent reviews and feedback boosts your rank in search results and supports public relations business efforts

How can reputation influencers boost my brand’s online reputation?

Reputation influencers help improve brand authenticity, as consumers report only about 15% believe the message a company or brand conveys through traditional advertisements. NetReputation can build a comprehensive public relations strategy to improve and boost your brand’s presence and reputation in online media. Having a strong PR strategy can lead to:

  • Industry authority
  • Strong consumer trust
  • Brand loyalty

What if there are negative reviews of my brand on social media? What are the impacts?

We’re sure you’re aware of the negative impacts of social media on business. Your brand can end up suffering irreparable damage from bad reviews or comments. Consumer studies show that reviews of products and businesses on social media have the same serious impact as a negative recommendation from a friend. Negative social media reviews can lead to a poor perception of your brand and drive consumers to your competitors.

What is the value of gaining strategic partnerships with reputation influencers?

A great way to boost your business’ public perception is through strategic partnerships with reputation influencers. The influencers will become a support system to help your business grow.

You can find peers in your industry that you admire and settle on specific agreements for mutual promotion that can improve both businesses. Formalize agreements with other industry professionals or people in related industries. It’s a natural next step to share ideas, expertise and build each other’s brands up. This will lead to:

  • Creating a stronger online reputation with consumers and other industry professionals
  • Building bridges for support in the future
  • Forging bonded relationships

Partnering with your industry peers will build trust and authenticity and build your own brand as a reputation influencer as well as others. This process is part of what makes a brand strong.

NetReputation is dedicated to assisting you to build your brand, gain a strong online presence, instill authenticity, provide an overall brand strategy, and boost your online reputation.